Friday, February 22, 2013

What is "Vanilla" Literary Erotica?

There is a term I came across when I began to write Erotica.  "Vanilla" -- many people scoff at that term?  But the reality is that most people are "vanilla."

Anybody who isn't writing about things like whips and chains?

That's "Vanilla."

Is Erotica the same as a Romance Novel?


The Erotica genre spans many types of things.

What I write is the way that heterosexuals make love.  I'm interested in exploring what happens between the characters in my books and all the sex scenes I write are "human."

Is it more taboo to write "Vanilla" sex?


Two of my favorite writers, D. H. Lawrence and James Joyce both wrote erotic novels.  Heterosexual novels.  They are considered classics, and at times they were banned.

These two books would be considered "Vanilla" Erotica. 

You will not find sex toys in my stories.  My stories are only about humans and how they touch each other. 

One of the reasons I'm writing in this genre is because these two writers are part of the canon I admire.

You will find my own short stories archived at The Erotica Readers and Writers Association in the web.
Today there was an article I spied in the Library Journal, which mentions the place I'm published above. 
Most of the literary writers I know?  Want to be archived in libraries next door to Lawrence and Joyce.


Valentine Bonnaire

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